Introducing APA CREW!! If you love to dance and perform but are not interested in the time or financial commitment of “Company”, then our NEW Hip Hop CREW is for you! If you are interested in giving back to your community and doing charitable service for your neighbors, then Crew is for you! Even if you just want the opportunity to be on stage more times throughout the year instead of just at the recital, then Crew is for you!

To be eligible for this group, you must be enrolled in a Hip Hop class at APA and be between 1st and 12th grade. There is no audition and no additional costumes. The fees involved are nominal (less than $200 for the year). This group is very similarly structured to our APA Performance Group.

These dancers practice multiple Hip Hop based routines to perform throughout the year at local, community events. They participate in both the Apex and Cary Christmas parades, local arts festivals, retirement homes, charity events, malls, and school fairs.



For more information, please read the interest packet below or contact our Performance Group & Crew Director, MK Cranford (mk@apanc.com).