Competitive Dance

Our Competitive Dance Program, otherwise known as “Company” is made up of dancers between the ages of 5 and 18 who have an interest in taking their dance training to a higher level. Company dancers audition and are placed into one of 5 different groups based on age and skill level. These groups practice 2-5 days a week and compete 3-10 times per year. Our Company dancers compete throughout the Southeast and are highly regarded on the competition circuit.

We will hold TWO Interest Meetings in the spring to give you a better understanding of our Company and answer any questions you may have. If you can’t make it to either Interest Meeting, please contact Nancy Andrews Roque, our Company Co-Director. See below for more information.

If you are interested in Company for the upcoming year, we suggest taking as many classes in Progressive Program as possible, especially Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help. Email Nancy Andrews Roque for more information.


Are you ready to take your dance training to the next level? Join us at APA for our company audition clinic and auditions – all APA members are invited to audition for company! 

If you would like to learn more about our competitive program at APA, we are holding TWO Interest Meetings to give you a better understanding of our Company and answer any questions you may have. If you can’t make it to either Interest Meeting, please contact Nancy Andrews Roque, our Company Co-Director.

Company Interest Meetings:

  • May 4th    6:00-7:00pm
  • May 20th  5:30-6:30pm

Company Audition Dates:

  • Audition Clinics: May 15-16 (Price: $40)
  • Auditions: May 22-23
  • Re-Audition: July 24th

Some things to note about the company audition process:

  • The company audition clinic is not mandatory, but highly encouraged for all dancers.
  • Dancers will be taught audition combinations during the clinic.
  • There is not an audition clinic for the make up audition in July, however, the same combinations will be taught for the make up audition.
  • Even if a dancer is unable to attend the audition clinic, they will still be able to learn the combinations during the audition. The clinic simply offers dancers more time to practice the material. 

Company Auditions

Are you interested in learning more about our Company program options at APA? Click the link below to submit an interest form and we will be in touch soon! The company clinic is $40 per dancer and auditions are free. Please email with any questions.

Summer Skills Intensive

Full Day: 9:00am-4:00pm  $255   | Teacher Approval Required | Ages 9-18

Half Day: 9:00am-1:00pm  $150 Members/$175 Non-Members | Ages 5-18                  

Join us this summer for a strictly TECHNIQUE-based camp. Dancers will be taught by various members of our senior staff on flexibility, stamina, injury prevention and strength. No choreography will be taught during this camp, to give dancers the time they need to focus on improving their fundamental skillset.

Ballet Intensive

9:00am- 1:00pm  |  $150 Members/$175 Non-Members | Teacher Approval Required

All advanced dance skills are founded in a strong Ballet education. Dancers looking to hone their skills, improve their turnout, correct their alignment or just get back to basics will truly enjoy this week. Each day will be dedicated to exploring various approaches to traditional Ballet class. Dancers hoping to be approved for Pointe in the fall are encouraged to take this Intensive.

Fun Fridays

6:00pm-9:00pm  |  $40 each  | APA Members Only       

What could be more fun than a dance class and party rolled into one?! At each Fun Friday, dancers will experience a different style of dance, coupled with a crazy cool activity. Work hard, party hard, meet new friends, and have a blast at these unique summer events.