Recreational Dance

Recreational Dance


See what everyone is talking about! Come try a recreational dance class today! APA offers the most styles of dance and the most diverse schedule options in the area. View our class schedules below or call to speak with one of our friendly staff members. We are happy to help you find the right class for your child. Even if your budding superstar isn’t sure if she would like Hip Hop, Contemporary or Tap, we can help. We say, “Come try them all!” No pressure and no commitment. Just see what you like before you enroll.

If you have had some dance experience, we encourage you to try one of our Progressive Classes. This competency-based structure will maximize productivity in the classroom, encourage dancers through attainable goals, and reward students for hard work and dedication. Consequently, students will be asked to complete a concrete set of skills before moving on to the next level.

Here is a breakdown of how we define each of our dance programs:

APA Little Stars Program

  • 3-5 Year old Classes, including PreDance, Tap and Ballet
  • Students typically come to class once a week
  • Strictly extra-curricular

APA Recreational Program

  • Kindergarteners and older, including all styles of dance
  • Dancers typically come to class once a week
  • Mostly extra-curricular, as dancers may try new styles each year
  • Dress code and attendance are more relaxed
  • Open enrollment throughout the year in these classes to accommodate new students
  • Emphasis on FUN and FITNESS!

APA Progressive Program

  • 1st Grade and older, including all styles of dance
  • Dancers come 1-2 nights per week, typically taking more than one style of dance
  • Students consistently take the same styles year after year, therefore advance their skills
  • Dress code and attendance are taken more seriously
  • Classes will be closed after enrollment period (with some exception)
  • Emphasis on progressing through curriculum, while having fun!

For more information, contact our Recreational Class Coordinator, Meredith Solomon.

If you are interested in even more dance opportunities, click HERE for information about our Community Performance Group and HERE for information about our Competitive Company.

See the class schedules at the links below. You can call or register online by clicking the button at the top of the page.

2019-2020 Recreational Class Schedule 

2019-2020 Class Policies and Pricing

Dress Code and Classroom Rules

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR FALL 2019! Call us or email for more information – classes will fill quickly, so be sure to secure your spot TODAY!! 

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