Faculty and Staff

We, at the Academy for the Performing Arts pride ourselves in hiring only the best of the best. We believe in finding loving, passionate, talented people and perfecting their teaching skills through continuous training, evaluations and parent/student feedback. Most of our teachers have been with APA for many years and their experience truly shows in well-managed, productive and energetic classes.

Hillary Parnell

Hillary Parnell, Owner (Since 2001)

“Teaching dance has so much more to do with life lessons than perfect technique. As a part-time parent to some of these kids, I take very seriously my roll in helping them become the best possible people they can be. Along with all the straight legs and pointed toes, we teach discipline and teamwork, how to fail gracefully and pick yourself back up and try again, and most importantly, how to make goals and achieve them through hard work.”


Melissa QuirkMelissa Quirk, Recreational Dance Director

Since 2005







Meredith BasnightMeredith Basnight, Recreational Dance Director

Since 2005







Corin AdamsCorin Adams, Company Director

Since 2006







Taylor Ziegler, Preschool DirectorTaylor Ziegler

Since 2014

“​My goal as a Director is to provide our children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, are free to express themselves and where they can initiate learning.”


Brittney Troutman

Alyssa Pridgen

Andrea Williams


Jill Manny

Niyama Ramanan

Salem Troxler

Amy York